Heating Installation From the Tennessee Valley’s Leading HVAC Company  

When it's time to think about the warmth and comfort of your space, Higdon Service has you covered. Specializing in both residential heating and commercial heating services, our team ensures that every installation meets the highest standards of efficiency and reliability.

Value-Driven Residential Heating Services

At Higdon Service, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional residential heating solutions tailored to every homeowner's unique needs. Explore the benefits of our specialized heating installations:

Furnace Installation
Modern furnaces boast top-tier energy efficiency that may provide significant energy savings. Built to last, the furnaces we install provide consistent warmth with a variety of fuel options, including natural gas, oil, or electricity.

Boiler Installation
Boilers guarantee uniform heating across rooms, banishing cold spots in homes. Their design prioritizes silent operation, creating a peaceful indoor environment. And with fewer moving parts, homeowners benefit from reduced maintenance demands.

Heat Pump Installation
Heat pumps stand out with their dual functionality, capable of both heating and cooling your space. Known for their energy efficiency, they transfer heat instead of producing it, and their design supports eco-friendly initiatives by lowering carbon emissions.

Commercial Heating Installation
Commercial spaces have unique heating requirements, and at Higdon Service, our heating services are designed to cater to the demands of businesses, big or small. With our expert guidance, businesses can rest assured that they’re getting a heating solution that’s not only efficient but also scales with their needs.

Why Choose Higdon for Heating Installation?
With decades of experience providing heating services, Higdon Service ensures that we complete every heating system installation to the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

From the first consultation to the final installation, we're dedicated to ensuring that you receive the best value for your investment in heating services. Contact us today to learn more about our heating installation solutions in Decatur, AL, and throughout the Tennessee Valley.

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Five-Star Reviews

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Had someone out immediately when my a/c stopped working. Led to the installation of a new unit, they had me partially working and cool until the new unit came in and had it installed in just a few days. The install was fast and the installers were great.

Av S.

Tampa, FL

We've been using Higdon for many years and they never disappoint, this maintenance visit was no exception. Mike, the service technician, was friendly, courteous, professional, and thorough. He embodied everything I expect, and more, in customer service. He went above and beyond his professional duty, helping me fix my a/c condensation drain and he even helped me reel up the garden hose after using it to clean off the a/c unit. Thank you, Mike. And thank you, Higdon for providing high quality service.

James H.

Tampa, FL

We had Higdon install new units a few years ago and signed up for their service contract.  They are very responsive, communicative, and have always been on time and fully transparent about everything they've done.  They immediately honored a warranty claim without any ifs, and, or buts. It's great to get quality honest service, it's a rarity these days!

Tad T.

Tampa, FL